Basic Knowledge about Cloud Computing

Lots of people don’t know what cloud computing is exactly and what are the basics thing we should know. In this article i have tried to clear the basic doubts on cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a centralized virtual software available in the server which provides all the required resource to the users where the user don’t need to think about the location or a device. Just need to browse and have all that is required.

Why use Cloud Computing?

In every point of time, lots of people waste some thing in their lifespan.. like investing money on new but useless gadgets.. Many times people like to go for a junk bore movies, in the same way, in older days every company was to license their software’s through CDs DVDs.. And when it was to come on upgrading, they were to face lots of problems, but what is here? Will these problems be faced here as well? When this method comes as a service part like rental the cost of supplying and vendor system could be reduced, where the software comes to your organization directly.

Not only the above advantages.. but also some offers will instantly updated.

How it works?

There will be one server which will distribute the resources say if you have any type of software, that will be able to share every operational environment to the clients. The files can be maintained by either server or client, but to work with environment you will need server communication for access.

So this is the simple algorithm process for cloud computing.

Classic Cloud Computing:

In olden days the cloud computing was used in many technologies. Past website were to be under web 1.0 which restricts RIA(Rich Internet Applications), some computational sequence on client server methodology were not been executed. So what they are doing is handling the client side software utilities, which helps to transfer only the meta data not the working environment. For e.g. skype, messengers, antivirus, and other applications. These applications don’t have any centralized services and recourses.

Basic needs for Cloud Providers:

Internet is the most basic and important need for cloud computing. Cluster of computers like intranet/ LAN can also be basic requirement. For the INTERNET/INTRANET/LAN one needs to be strong on basic foundation on RIA. RIA is a concept falls on Web 2.0 concepts, all the applications are possibly designed under AJAX, or any tools that does not refresh your web application.

SILVER LITE, AJAX, FLEX can be used  for developing RIA in Shock wave format.

Cloud computing is not going to stop here! the above tools are pretty much helpful for developing the interfaces but not the background process. JAVA can be the right language to do background process like handling the formats of files. For e.g. when working on with Google docs. You need to save the file as they are compatible with Microsoft word so they have some engine to make your document save in the required format.. isn’t this great?

Cloud Computing as Business Tool:

How can we utilize this wonderful concept as business?

We can service in :

  • Infrastructure service: Making company’s infrastructure with this concept.
  • Software as service: Providing the software’s as service to the workgroup of a company with some rental and other attractive offers.
  • Platform as service: Giving away a embedded electronic gadget tool, reduces the cost of installations, make it to work as a Personal Computer to the end user.

Hope this was Helpful.

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