Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

There was a time when Cloud Hosting was been used only by the governments but not it is making its way towards business, both large and small. As mentioned in Wikipidia, Cloud Hosting “is dynamically scalable and provides virtualized resources as a service over the internet.”  Think about the multitude of servers that are connected via networks to create a cloud where companies can store their data.  Basically this cloud acts as an outsourcing agent for server and storage requirements.

As we all know that cloud hosting has become a new buzzword, adoption may or may not be the good choice for your business or company. Just go through these advantages and disadvantages to learn more about your options with cloud computing.

The Advantages

Hosting your data on an outsourced system (which is maintained by someone else) will help to free up space and cost cutting.

With cloud hosting, You can:

  • Access your data at all times – not just while you are in the office
  • A physical storage center is no longer required
  • Lots of them have a pay structure where you only need to pay when the service is used
  • Relieves some responsibilities on IT Professionals and frees up some of their time in the office
  • Simply scalable so companies can make changes in storage base as per their requirements

The Disadvantages

If you will be moving all of your data to data centers which are situated outside your company, then you should also think about the security.

  • Will need to depend on third-party to safeguard the security and privacy of data and information
  • If your cloud host gets disappeared, where does your data go?

If you are having a small business, or even a big company, cloud computing can be pretty much expensive, so you will need to work on your budget. Funding the servers, software, and information technology professionals can be a real problem and finding cost-efficient way through cloud hosting can be pretty much beneficial. Cloud Hosting is a dedicated, high performance, analytic database cluster that is open to businesses, on a pay-per-use, for a monthly fee. This is pretty much beneficial and an excellent business deal, only if you are ready to hand over your personal data and information.

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