Dedicated Server Dedicated Or Not? Learn What is Right For You

A computer system called a server provides services to network computers, they store several files in database. Multiple computers accessing the server are called clients.

Dedicated Servers are computers that are leased by Web site hosting company, dedicated to a client. These servers have their own characteristics for each type of accommodation, they are designed to be connected 24 hours in order to provide data at all times.

They serve mostly to provide space and accommodation so that customers can access files and show the these files to end user.

There are several types of servers and classified as DEDICATED SERVERS DEDICATED OR NOT, some of them are: Fax Server, File Server, Web Server, Email Server, Print Server, Database Server, DNS Server, Proxy Server, Server Colocation, FTP Server, Webmail Server, server virtualization and servers for games.

Currently there are two types of dedicated servers, managed and unmanaged. An unmanaged dedicated server is the server type in which the customer will have to completely manage the server, performing tasks for software updates, application patches, system restore, security control and software installation. In this case the web hosting company is responsible for providing connectivity and repair of any hardware problems. The option of a managed dedicated server is not recommended for users with more experience in managing machines.

Managed dedicated servers possess as care taken by the company hosting the site. The company takes the responsibility to maintain the updated software, apply patches, accounts for the smooth operation and security of hardware, monitor internet connectivity outside the network. A suitable option for users without experience in server management, or lack of time for more complex task.

The advantage of hiring a dedicated server is that performance is larger for being a dedicated machine just for hosting services, it has everything that makes the site has a connection speed broadband internet access, and security updates when necessary.

Unlike dedicated servers, not dedicated servers, home computers are, and often with much lower performance than dedicated.

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