Distributed MySQL Database Hosting with the Cloud

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The purpose of a cloud is to provide a distributed hosting configuration that can deliver to 100% guaranteed uptime whilst hosting virtual machines that have resource allocations comparable to a low-end dedicated server. Database servers are what most businesses would describe as a high availability service, in other words their databases are often core to their IT infrastructure because the information contained in them carries importance in terms of configuration settings and content; if a database server is unavailable then this will have a domino affect, which means that applications relying on this database will also fail because this will be missing configuration settings and content. MySQL is one of the key database servers used by larger companies because it offers a scalable core on which busy web applications can be hosted – a MySQL database cluster can also be created to handle the loads placed on the databases by larger websites. Furthermore, MySQL is an open source applications so that you can make changes to the core and configuration of the application if you wish to implement your own features or improve the application’s use of system resources – this also means that MySQL is free to use commercially without any limitations.

MySQL Databases

All dynamic web applications require a backend database in which the content and configuration information relevant to them can be stored. Web developers will be familiar with this design of web applications and if using languages such as PHP, Perl and Ruby to develop your web applications, MySQL is often the recommended database platform to use here so that compatibility and performance can be guaranteed. The load that a web application will place on a MySQL database is dependent on how many visitors that a website receives, but MySQL is a scalable platform that can cope with high loads without showing any strain.

Cloud Database Hosting

Databases are often one part of your website that will be constantly growing because as new customers sign up or more content is added to your website, this is going to equate to at least one extra row in one of your databases’ tables. As a database grows, it’s demand for disk space are going to also increase dramatically which is why it is important to ensure that you have measures in place to deal with this demand. Choosing virtual machine hosting in the cloud will provide you with a hosting environment that can be expanded as your demand dictates; rather than having to upgrade every resource associated with your VM, you can simply up the disk space of your virtual machines when necessary so that your databases have the room required for expansion.

Distributed Cloud Hosting

Using the eNlight platform offered by ESDS as an example, multiple virtual machines can be created in the same cloud and connected together using a private vLAN, which will allow them to communicate with one another securely. Creating multiple virtual machines for the purpose of database hosting will provide you with a load-balanced configuration that will share the load placed on the databases across several virtual machines so that stability can be guaranteed.


The resources of virtual machines in the eNlight cloud can be modified individually so that your VMs are tailored to meet your needs only, rather than following a pre-defined web hosting plan as is often the case. Even though you can access the web-based eNlight control panel at any time to increase the resource allocations of your virtual machines, ESDS also offers a feature known as ‘auto-scaling’ that may be more convenient for a majority of our customers. Auto-scaling will automatically allocate additional resources to your virtual machines when they start to run low so that the applications and services that you are running will always be able to access what they require to run smoothly; you can regulate the level to which resources are scaled so that you always have full control over how much you are billed for resources used in this manner. Any resource can be automatically scaled on the eNlight platform so whatever the roles you have assigned to your virtual machines may be, they can request whatever is necessary to remains table when placed under a high load.

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