Cloud Disaster Recovery: Aligning Business Continuity Plan

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about trends in the IT industry. Cloud computing has become an integral part of business IT solution. It enables flexibilities and enhanced productivity. Cloud computing has become critical for the operation of various organisation. But at the same time it raises concerns regarding the security of the data in the cloud and the loss of data during a disaster situation therefore it is very critical for the organization to consider a good contingence plan or a disaster recovery plan for the continuity of their business.

In this world where there is a flow of information and a global business environment which never sleeps it is important for the organization to have a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud computing Solutions has gained popularity in the technology world and many clients look up to cloud computing as disaster recovery solution. Cloud computing can act as a useful disaster recovery tool. Disaster recovery plan implemented through cloud computing offers promise to retrieve the lost data quickly, thus protecting the business against an unexpected loss.

Small business have much to gain by adopting to data protection plan based on cloud .For example if the business site is hit by some natural calamities there is always a risk that the data which is critical for the business can be lost but in case of cloud all the backup data is stored in a remote area and the data are updated regularly, and hence allow the company to resume to their business and even reduce the time required from disaster recovery.

Cloud based data storage always improves the efficiency as it allows the employees or client to access data from any geographical location anybody can access the data from any location all we need is the internet connection. Cloud disaster recovery align business continuity plan as many businesses these days depends on internet to generate revenue for them so any loss of data will affect the revenue of the business.

Benefits of cloud disaster recovery

  1. Low capital expenditure on hardware, software and services.
  2. Data backup and real time replication of the data.
  3. Unlimited scalability.
  4. Low cost because of “pay as you use “are attached with DR plan.

Cloud disaster recovery is perfect solution to prepare our business for an unexpected disaster situation that would otherwise cause great loss for the business.

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