Safely Storing Data in the Cloud

Nowadays, most people who own a computer or other similar device such as smartphones and tablets, spend much of their lives connected to the Internet. Therefore, a lot of personal files such as documents and pictures are transmitted in this way and end up getting stored on the computer itself. Many people overlook the importance of making a backup of their data, mainly because the idea of transferring many files to a hardware sounds complicated and time consuming. This is where the concept of cloud storage solutions can be utilized. A term may seem surreal, but it’s simpler than it seems.

Accessibility: Stored files are available to be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Usability: The user does not need to install any software, just having an internet connection. The software is updated by its own.

Synchronization: All your files are synchronized and updated on all of your electronic devices such as computers, laptops, ipads, smartphones, etc.. The file that you modified in your cellular will appear the same on your notebook.

Economics: Equipment traditional data storage such as external hard drive and stacks of CDs, do not come cheap. The cloud storage, in contrast, does not require any cost.

Data Security: The security in the cloud ensures that your data is always well guarded and protected, so you can always retrieve them only with an internet connection. Even if your equipment breaks or is stolen, the damage will be only the loss of hardware, since all your files can still be accessed in the cloud. Another important factor is that, a set of strict safety rules guide the provision service companies that offer this type of storage. Therefore, it is more likely a hacker attack to a personal computer, which has no such assurance than an invasion of protected system of a provider of cloud.

Users Community: This is the strong point of eNlight cloud, which differentiates it from other cloud providers. The site offers a multimedia platform that promotes the creation of a community of people interested in certain content. Through it, users query data stored in other accounts and also discuss and exchange ideas with other users on topics of common interest. The cloud provides an ideal environment for data sharing and multiple people can work together on the same document.

Solution For Business : Companies can benefit greatly with security in the cloud and its unlimited storage capacity. The technical capacity to securely store the entire contents of a company’s data consumes much time and money. Many small businesses do not have many resources, and so they should invest in cloud storage, ensuring that problems with lost files can be avoided. The cloud provider is responsible for all maintenance of the physical infrastructure required by this system.