What to Look in Windows VPS Hosting?

Basically, VPS server is an isolated machine that performs and executes same like as a dedicated server does. Every VPS has the ability to reboot independently and is provided the full root access, IP address, RAM, software and applications, system libraries and config. files for each. Same as dedicated server, you get complete root access so that you can install your customized software and scripts on your virtual hosting platform.

Windows VPS Hosting is an appropriate website hosting solutions for those who want to host unlimited domains, need full control over the server and at much affordable rates. The Virtual Private Server Hosting includes of an administration control panel so that you are easily able to manage your virtual private server. The control panel is visible even if the VPS stays offline.

Below are some salient features of a Windows VPS Hosting:

  • Root or administrative access on the server
  • Provides flexibility to install software and custom made applications
  • Isolated VPS accounts on same server
  • Ability to Reboot VPS independently
  • Devoted Webmail, FTP and Database server
  • But, How to identify a reliable and stable VPS Web Hosting package?

The VPS hosting provider should offer you fully managed hosting solution. Cpanel and Plesk domain features should be provided as add-on control panel options. A web hosting company having high network connectivity without any interruption can be consider as a good service provider.

The VPS web hosting provider should have a team of professional to offer high level of support round the clock. Support must be provided through Email, Phone and Live Chat. The maximum response time for the opened support tickets should be of 30 minutes.

If a web hosting provider offers you all these factors, the you may consider their Windows VPS Hosting solution for your business.