Difference between Grid and Cloud Computing

What is the difference between Grid and Cloud Computing ? This is the question I received it a few days ago. In fact even if some concepts are similar (large number of dedicated servers, network communication very important, generally distributed storage, etc …) these two techniques are quite different.

In fact they differ mainly by the way of using these server clusters.

In the case of Grid Computing it is mainly to provide some powerful computing resources for periods of time given (and generally planned). In India there are for example the project (Universities, …). This cluster is typically used for parallel computations on very large data volumes.

Whereas in the case of cloud computing there is often a notion of immediacy, elasticity of resource availability and virtualization.

With Cloud Computing, it is not clear on what server (s) running the application. You pay according to use, which is normally almost unlimited. These offers are primarily for web services.


In India ESDS build a product of this kind which is known as eNlight Cloud, payable to the use and easily scalable. At the moment it provide hosting and resources on demand.


If you are interested in cloud hosting providers in India, you can test the demo of this solution.

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