Maintenance of physical servers: an effort that today you can save

Breaking free from having to manage and maintain physical servers and directing the energies in more productive business: With the cloud you can.

If you ever had physical server “at home” you will know what it means to take care of their management and their update. And you also know that you have often thought of “take stock of the situation” decide to optimize the structure, eliminate what is not needed, add what is not there. But you have sent.

The same dynamic we confirm the research of one of our competitors, who has studied what are the tasks that absorb most of the staff of the IT companies. In particular, object of the research were the medium-sized companies.

The result: What occupies most employees are management, updating, securing and “rearrangement” of the hardware . Only 28 percent of the time remains available for strategic and value-added. With the major disadvantage that the servers are often oversized or too few. Flaws that could be solved with the cloud , first overcoming the prejudice that it takes less safe and reliable.

Of course it will be for providers to attract more and more companies and public solutions on the cloud in India. After all, that’s what we’re trying to do.