How To Create a Professional and Profitable Blog

build-a-profitable-blogToday there are many ways to make money online, being an affiliate of products work with Google Adsense, have their own info product, offer services and more. But I would say in all activities carried out on the Internet have a blog too and expands your chances of succeeding.

I would venture to say that the blog is the lifeblood of your business on the Internet, whatever the niche is.

Well, if you’re thinking that riding a blog is something easy and free. Hit! It can even be very easy and zero cost to have a blog, but if you think about having a profitable business through your blog, it is better to start changing that thought, because the blogs “for free” offer no security so you can exercise the blogger profession. Because when it comes to making money online and work has to be very professional if you create a free blog at no cost, you will save this small investment, but will be showing to your audience an amateur job, no professionalism.

So between several advantages blogging is a registered professional blog and will give you a better picture on the Internet, transmitting a greater confidence and integrity in business. Not to mention that the free version limits you to a blog too, because it does not offer all the features and options that the paid version gives you. And as last advantage I leave here two little questions for you to reflect:

What assurance do you have that your blog will always be in the air? Who can assure you that?

Well, then masters to the point, for you to create your professional blog will need some money (not much), patience and motivation.
Briefly, first you choose the niche market that will work and then register a domain for the blog, choosing a web hosting, install wordpress, create content, promote your blog and finally start making money with it.


What did is the niche market? . It is simply the subject or topic you want to address in your blog

There are several items that affect the choice of a good niche to work with, let’s examine some of them:

  • Do you like the theme you chose
  • There is demand for the public?
  • There is competition?
  • There are advertisers for your niche?
  • There are products being sold in your niche?

After all these questions will answer your queries and I am sure now you know what is the best niche to operate in the market.


Now after you have chosen your niche it’s time to register your domain. But what is the domain? Is the address used to locate and identify your blog on the internet. Example: This would be the identification of any website on the internet. I advise that you do so at ESDS, along with the hosting contract, because they give me good service, but of course it is up to you to choose the service that best suits you. The important thing is that it can register a good domain for search engines and that has everything to do with the niche you’ve chosen.


Well, I heard an explanation these days hosting (unfortunately cannot remember where), but it went something like this:

To build a house need a ground, so does the blog need an online space. That’s what the serve web accounts accommodations to make your blog and keep it in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. There are several host sites spread all over the net, more on account of other more expensive, but ultimately it is for you to enter the world of blogging. I recommend ESDS for having a very intuitive interface, for providing me a great service, never needed but people have said that they needed the support service from them is very good and you can still be an affiliate (a) and one can earn money by referring their services. There are quarterly, semiannual, annual subscription, your choice is the best option. More particularly like the annual.


If you chose ESDS, it is very easy to install wordpress, because this web hosting features via your cpanel control panel, which allows to install various content management systems, including wordpress. So when you receive email from ESDS (or another host of your choice) with your data access to cpanel, just enter the url of your domain as the data came in your email and you’re done. Basically will need your domain, your blog name, your email address and you’re done. Now we just have to go to the administration of your blog through address to configure themes, install plugins needed and insert content (post’s).


Now that your blog is created, it is time to insert content. You can write tips, news, tutorials, post videos, and various other things. It’s cool, even if you produce your content, reading, researching and studying to produce quality work, or if you do not have the time or inclination to do so, there are professionals for that sole purpose, rather, is a freelance professionals who live in autonomous work and there are niches for all of them. Just look on the internet you will even find them in droves.

But there is yet another alternative for you that cannot afford and do not have the knack or the patience to write or produce your content, you can set up a blog for directions, but you can copy the good posts that are in your niche (can be in its entirety or just the summary) and after each mention of where you copied the post and leave a link to the site that you plagiarized. And if only quote excerpts of posting from another blog, mention it as a source of research, but just with name and link.

Now, what can in no way is to copy posts from other blogs randomly absent registration copy these cases Google detects your copy and hides your blog in searches, the blog author may terminate copied your blog and you can have your blog removed without notice, and may even be rendered (a). So avoid inconvenience to your life, be creative (a) and produce yourself your posts. You can, believe me!


Soon after having traveled all this way and now have a reasonable quality content will need traffic, but how to make it happen? Draw the reader to come to know, share and read your blog? This might sound difficult but it is perfectly possible!

It is essential that you enter your blog in major internet search engines, such as Google and others, and if you have unique, quality and useful content for your readers, Google will put you on the first pages of search and so on greater evidence therefore increase your traffic. Must also disclose via comments similar to yours, in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others in discussion on You Tube forums, study a lot about SEO techniques and put them into practice blogs.

Anyway, there is a multitude of ways for you to promote your blog, just researching and studying each one, have a lot of willingness to work, patience and determination are also fundamental in this journey. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to give your opinion in the comments, can also leave questions, I will have the great pleasure to answer them !!! God bless !!!

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