Navigating the cloud and security systems files

The issue of storing the files already typed and ready to be used later always been a concern for most of the computer users. In the beginning were the floppies with the limited space. Then we went to CDs, with a larger space and soon appeared the pen drives with good space and others. But the concern always remained, for how long files can be kept in the floppy after saving, not to mention the progress of programs requiring users to become PC technician to decipher the possibilities of saving files, or open a typed file with an old program. We live in our own dizzying evolution of computers. But in all this time, our major concern was to save safely typed files and they gave us many days of work.

Evolved in store some files for security reason by sending e-mails. This trend gave us some tranquility. For some users, the emails at any given time were not opened more and lost all correspondence and files. A technician then assert there is possibility to save this correspondence and emails. But for those users who are just going to be a very difficult path of stones.

At the moment there is much talk in navigating the clouds of “cloud computing”. The first view is an invaluable service to the user. Files can be in an infinite number stored somewhere on this planet.

Users who use the system to send important files are judged through the use of e-mails, even sending photos into virtual albums and videos on You tube sites entered in line with the trend of our time is called “cloud computing” , navigate the clouds. Using this system the user is not storing files on CDs and flash drives, now they are suspended in a particular place who nobody knows right where you are.

Advantages of the “cloud computing

Already we see that the advantages for the user who use this system are invaluable. How many times our hard disk is full and no space and do not know what else to do. We have a very heavy file and slows the computer. At the moment we use this new system leaving the files in the cloud computer terminals become simple access portals. Disappeared concerns in wanting to invest in a HD with more capacity, memories and processors. Now the space for placing the files will be infinite. The user will be able to access files from anywhere and with any computer or smart phone, the user will not have a single machine, but will have computer at home, at work, elsewhere they will attend because of work, or use borrowed some coworker terminal. The big advantage that passes there is one that we can use the files regardless of having a CD or thumb drive with this file.

Basic care in storing files in the cloud system that we observe:

  1. Choose for the storage of files servers already known and that are constantly updating.
  2. With antivirus be attentive with the update.
  3. Sensitive and important nature and particular files should avoid putting on the network.
  4. Check the privacy policy of the site to your disposal.
  5. Beware of password management.
  6. Be with constant attention to expiration dates of services, some content may eliminate up.
  7. Files of emails and important files also have a copy.

In conclusion, we note the immense benefit that will be bringing the system file storage in clouds. Everything became more practical, simple handling and a huge portability. Even with all these facilities the safety issue of conservation of archives, stayed with holes and barriers that we will not cross.

In hindsight we should see more benefits that will bring this system than the possible disorders when perchance some accident happen. Technology will continue to show us that everything in life is changing and with amazing rapidity. We must guard ourselves with old features to keep within reach content that we consider essential. Good luck to all the computer users.