Comparability Of Security NoSQL and RDBMS

NoSQL (Not Only SQL) – a technology for storing and accessing data, which has become very fashionable in start-ups involved in the development of interactive web applications, and enterprises have to deal with vast amounts of information. The primary reason for its popularity is that it allows higher levels of scalability and availability, as well as more rapid access to data as compared with standard relational database management systems (RDBMS), e.g., such as Oracle MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Data stored in the RDBMS, should be predictable and have a certain structure so that they can be stored in tabular form, wherein data from different tables are interrelated in a certain way. NoSQL does not have to follow a certain logical structure. If the performance of, or access to real-time are more important than the sequence, for example, in the case of indexing and access to a large number of records, NoSQL system is more suitable than relational databases. The data will also be easier to store on multiple dedicated servers, providing an increased level of fault tolerance and scalability. Companies such as Google and Amazon use their own NoSQL database allowing the use of cloud technology.

Despite all the benefits of storing data in a database NoSQL, NoSQL on security negatively affects the need for quick and easy access to data. In order to store data that is considered safe, the database must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). Corporate DB RDBMS provide these functions (CIA) with integrated security features such as access control, role-based data encryption, support for access control to the line and the field, as well as access control through access rights to stored procedures at the user level. RDBMS database also have a set of properties ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability), which guarantee reliable processing of database transactions, replication and recording transactions in the journal ensure the reliability and integrity. These features increase the time required to access large amounts of data, so they do not occur in databases such as NoSQL.

In order to provide faster access to NoSQL database, it is created with a small number of security features. They have the so-called set of properties BASE (basically available, soft state, eventually consistent); instead of supporting the requirement of the sequence after each transaction, the database just need to eventually achieve consistent state. For example, when users view data, such as the number of elements, they can see the last image data, rather than the current state. Because the transactions are written to the database immediately, there is the possibility of mutual intersection of concurrent transactions. This characteristic match, where users may not necessarily visible to the same data at the same time implies that NoSQL database could never be used for a processing of financial transactions.

In NoSQL, privacy and data integrity is lacking in databases. Since NoSQL databases is no logical structure to access the table, the column or row cannot be separated. It can also give rise to multiple copies of the same data. This can make it difficult to maintain consistency of data, in particular because the changes in the set of tables cannot be combined in a single transaction where the logic of insert, update, or delete is performed in general.

Since there are more than 20 different implementations of NoSQL, the lack of standards also increases the difficulty of maintaining data security. Confidentiality and integrity of data must rely entirely on the application that accesses data in NoSQL. It’s bad when the last line of defense of any valuable data is at the application level. Application developers do not care to implement different security features and new code usually means new bugs. Any requests made to the NoSQL database, to be forwarded, filtered and validated, while the database itself must constantly live in a protected environment.

It is interesting that now in some NoSQL projects begin to return the security features inherent in computer RDBMS. For example, Oracle has included operational control over the data being written to a single node.

If the key requirements of the organization to the database are scalability and availability, the NoSQL system may be the right choice for certain data-sets. However, systems architects should carefully consider their requirements for security, confidentiality and integrity of the database before choosing NoSQL. The absence of a NoSQL security features, namely, support for authentication and authorization, means that sensitive data is best stored in a standard RDBMS.

Which domain extension is most appropriate for your business website?

Worried about the name and extension of your domain? Discover what may be the most appropriate to the characteristics of your business. Or maybe Definitely choosing a domain is one of the most important decisions that companies must make when starting their online venture. Each Internet domain is unique, so it is essential to make a good choice thereof, taking into account the characteristics of business. At the end of the day, a domain is more than just a name: it is the basis of the identity of your online business.

The data center or hosting providers offer their users the ability to choose the right extension (.com,.org,.net,.in,.info,.biz,.name, For example, the .com and .net are the most widespread in international terms, so that it will be the best option if you intend to reach users around the world.

However, could be the ideal choice if our business is highly centralized in our country, or if we use it as a supplement to the .com. Meanwhile, other generic extensions such as .Org associated with a corporate website.

If, however, you are looking to create a website focused on information, the .Info will definitely be the most successful. On the other hand, the .Tv is gaining popularity recently because it is a good recommendation for those businesses that offer video content or relating to the world of television.

On the other hand, we must also pay close attention to our domain name. We must first decide whether the domain will include the name of our brand (highly recommended for brands) or, alternatively, a set of keywords that match what our potential clients might search on the Internet. Although some time until Google used to prioritize domains that include keywords, increasingly favors those that include the name of the brand.

Also, a good domain should be short, clear and easy to type. These domains are easier to remember for users and have a greater visual appeal (if you already know best how good brief). In addition, our future visitors should know exactly how to write our domain in the address bar or search engine. Give a doubt in some character could lead to these web had just our competitor.

Although some brands that contain numbers or hyphens in their domains have managed to position itself in the minds of users, these characters can be confusing.

Finally, we can check the availability of the desired domain with dedicated hosting service provider. In the event that the domain you want is already registered, you can review a list of some alternative domains. Furthermore, service provider offers the ability to register multiple domains. This is especially recommended to protect your online identity by registering your business name with different extensions.

Technology Can Improve The Life Of An Entrepreneur?

Face the problems of a global economy increasingly complex and consequential developments in the national economy has proved a major challenge corporate green-yellow – they increasingly learn to combine strategies traditionally used for business success with a new model based on technology.

It is important, then, that entrepreneurs seek as much information as possible to understand how new ideas are protected and valued, how innovations are implemented and how new technologies can effectively improve the lives of everyone in the company.

The internet has revolutionized the lives of people in countless ways. News, entertainment, social networking … The size of the connectivity provided may not be scaled. But for the business world, the advantages of digital technology also represents a big change. If, previously, to have minimal prospects of success, it was necessary to open a business with “door to the street,” Today’s business dealings and virtual can supplement and even supplant the physical.

This does not mean that any investment in the physical infrastructure of the company is in the background, but it shows how the new organizations rely on technology to realign investments, lower costs, and reduce costs, mainly to establish a new form of communication with partners, suppliers and customers. Hence the overwhelming success of e-commerce – has been explored more and more by companies of all sizes, the “boss of yourself”, which manages its sales from the home office, to the mega-operations that integrate sales in physical space with the virtual. Everything always well conducted, focusing on customer satisfaction and safety.

Another big gain of the entrepreneur is the ability to solve a problem that seemed unsolvable until the rise of the web: the space issue. If for each business were generated numerous paper copies of all required documents, was also needed to have storage space for all that inventory. In addition to the space itself, which could be bought or rented, there was also the matter of safety – as the documents could not run the risk of being stolen, lost in the flooding, nor disappear amid fires.

Computers operate a large ‘miracle’ in this sense, since any number of documents can be stored electronically these days – whether internally or by hiring an outsourced data center. It never hurts to repeat that generate, organize and maintain information security of a company is critical to business continuity. So much so that outsourcing data center for colocation in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

Ie, at any time and hour is possible to have access to information critical to closing a business deal or even get the history of a client that is giving problems. The outsourcing of the data center, in the medium term, and could represent a cut between 20% and 70% in fixed costs, allowing better use of physical spaces and greater business focus of the company. Available technologies, once again, make all the difference.

Besides connectivity, security and storage capacity information, there is another strong point of the new technologies: speed. This implies a serious paradigm shift for both who makes everything much more quickly, and for whom everything always gets faster. Agility has become indispensable quality to any company.

If a company business lives online, much of the process can be automated and done by computers, ensuring all customer security when buying and speed the process of distribution and delivery of products. Meanwhile, companies that depend on contract signings – and cannot waste time or lose money – comes as standard programs that do everything from a gesture, whatever part of the world where they are stakeholders. In short, many of the processes that entrepreneurs and their businesses depend on today to act successfully in an ever more competitive market can be accomplished more efficiently from the intelligent use of technology. This is optimization.

The Difference Between The Cloud Storage Hosting And VPS

Cloud Storage hosting and VPS are two of the most popular choices for web hosting on the market today, and they both are often confused for each other. Both types perform multiple Web sites on the server, but each of these sites is performed independently of any other – even from other websites that are on the same server. What is the difference between them?

The biggest difference between them is the server from which they are currently running. VPS usually consists of only one physical server – although the hardware and software may seem much more capable than a regular computer. It is in this physical server that many, many different websites will be stored. However, despite the fact that they are located in the same physical location, these sites are substantially separated from each other by virtualization software and hypervisor. Each website will be allocated a certain amount of resources, and one never interferes with the other.

Cloud Storage Solutions are different

Cloud Storage Solutions allows for many different web sites on the same server as well, and just as VPS, Web sites do not interfere with each other. Unlike VPS, Cloud hosting typically relying on a single server or a single physical computer. Instead, cloud hosting is composed of a cluster or cloud servers. These clouds overlap and intertwine with each other, so that they can support each other when necessary.

Do I need one server in the cloud for more bandwidth or disk space, it can rely on the other clouds in order to get what he needs, and vice versa. Although every cloud and every web site within the cluster of servers is completely separate from any other web site, they can support each other and share resources.

Storage facilities of two different types of hosting are also different. VPS are usually stored somewhere close to a web host, if not right on the spot then somewhere, it’s pretty easy to get in a short amount of time. On the other hand, cloud hosting usually uses remote servers that can not be accessed physically host or a website owner. This can be a big factor for companies or individuals who believe that they need access to their server on occasion.

Finally there is a big difference in the level of support provided by web hosts and VPS cloud. VPS hosting will lease the server and store it for you, but it’s usually all the support that you can find. Although sometimes you can access the web-hosting for advice and help, they usually do not help you to maintain, set up or manage the server after you have signed up for it. On the other hand, cloud hosting comes with a lot of different managed hosting options for those who are not comfortable working in a server environment. This can be especially useful for individuals who do not have a lot of technical know-how and businesses that do not have the IT team.

VPS cloud hosting and the sound is very similar to the first. But dig a little beneath the surface shows how these two types of hosting is really different. Fortunately these are the differences that make it easy to compare the needs of your web site with this web hosting and find the type of hosting that is right for you!

Best VPS, Dedicated server OR Cloud Hosting For Yourself?

If it’s the time for you to place order for a VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting packages, you will need to check few things before you go with any host. Firstly you will have to check if your preferred web host offer you managed or unmanaged website hosting services. If you are good at server management and have all required server management skills then you can go with Unmanaged VPS Dedicated server hosting packages else if you are a beginner or don’t want to waste your time in server management then you should go with managed server hosting packages.

Usually managed hosting packages are bit expensive as compared to unmanaged. Depending on your skill set & requirements you can choose the one. Make sure if you opt for managed server hosting do check if they operate 24×7 and tech support is for free. You can go with unmanaged server hosting package if you want to manage your server and want to play with it as you have enough knowledge of server management and want to test things yourself.

As you have full root access with your Linux VPS / dedicated servers & Administrative RDP access with your Windows VPS / Dedicated servers / Cloud Hosting hence you can install all required applications / software on your server and can use them. You can also configure firewall setting, can tweak server settings as and when required. If you opt for unmanaged server hosting services you would be responsible for you server security, software upgrades and managing security patches. Your web host won’t help you for any technical issue you may have with your server. Once initial server setup is completed you will have to manage your VPS dedicated server if you opt for unmanaged server hosting services.

VPS hosting packages do comes with limited server resources like RAM, CPU , bandwidth, backspace etc. hence you should check what hosting package would be the best as per your website hosting requirements. If you are planning to host some resource hog application on your VPS then you should check the minimum and maximum RAM offered with VPS hosting packages.

All web host offers you fixed amount of Guaranteed and Burstable RAM with each hosting package. You can term Guaranteed Ram as the lowest amount of RAM that you will have with your VPS. This is the minimum amount of RAM your server will have at any point of time whereas a Burstable RAM is the amount of maximum amount of RAM your VPS can have which can be used in extreme cases. It’s your hosting requirements and budget to go with managed or unmanaged hosting services.