How to Backup and Restore Outlook Data for Safety

New-Outlook-2Outlook Express is an email client that offers the Microsoft Windows system. Although easy to use, make a backup and a restore can sometimes be confusing. There are several programs and software that allow these tasks, but you should also know how to do it manually. Whether you use one or the other, save the files in your emails regularly can save you from many headaches in the future.

The easiest way to keep your files in Outlook is the path to locate the .dbx files. This can be done by opening Outlook Express and opening the tab Tools> Options> Maintenance, and the button “Storage folder”, click and open the window titled “Store Location”. Choose the path that appears in this window and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Then logs of Windows Explorer, paste it in the address bar and hit enter. You will see several files with dbx extension. Simply select the files and copy them to a folder of your choice and have a backup of the files associated with your Outlook email. To restore files, do the opposite process.

Backup and Restore Address Book

You can also make a quick backup of the address book. Open Outlook Express and select File> Export> Address Book. Choose “Text File (Comma Separated Values)” and click Export. It will give you the option to save where you want them, so it creates a folder or save it to an existing one. Put a name of your choice and hit save. You see the name you’ve chosen has a .csv extension. Now click next, where several fields that can be selected depending on the information you want to save. Click “Finish” to complete the operation.

To restore the data, return to the File menu and select “Import” and then “Other Address Book”. Browse to the folder where you had saved the .csv file, and select it. This will again take all directions if lost.

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