To date, cloud computing has not yet gained popularity among customers, due to the lack of understanding and a normal sense of caution to all new. However, according to many CIOs, workers in the companies, the market for cloud computing and infrastructure by 2014 will be sufficiently formed to take its rightful place among the IT-technologies. Even now, in spite of the difficulties, several suppliers of commercial decisions confidently offer customers an understandable model sought solutions based on cloud computing.

Currently, among the popular destinations of Cloud Hosting, which can be confidently implemented in commercial operation, solutions can be identified with the use of virtualization technologies. Convenient to implement such solutions in private cloud environments, controlled by an organization. The benefit of large companies that will raise the jobs of employees to thin clients is obvious. This technique will minimize the costs for maintenance and administration of computer technology companies, as well as save energy, as thin clients is 10 times more economical than PC in electricity consumption.

Saving energy and support costs of IT department – Using the cloud based virtualization for development and testing, developers can expect to obtain the necessary server capacity at any time.

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