Cloud Computing Service Delivery Essentials

An increasing number of enterprises are moving to the cloud. Cloud computing delivers business solutions at a fraction of the time and the cost compared to traditional/ on premise IT solutions.

Cloud hosting services are now being created for every kind of business requirement- the flexibility of the cloud allows it to be integrated with most business applications and even legacy systems.

With growth in demand for cloud solutions, the onus is on the cloud hosting providers to provide true to value cloud computing platforms that deliver the best service delivery to consumers.

When CIOs of large enterprises move their mission critical data and applications to the cloud, they require the highest standard of services. A true to value cloud computing service should adhere to the following principles:

The Best Security:

Advances in technology also advanced level of threats and attacks. The best security services should exceed beyond just user privileges and secure password policies. When dealing with critical customer data, the cloud computing platform must have detailed, robust data protection and security policies:

* Physical security of the data center housing the cloud servers

* Network, application and internal systems security

* Secure data backup

* Secure internal policies

*Secure certified third party applications

Build Trust:

Trust building requires transparency. The service provider has to maintain and provide real time, accurate performance reports to the customer. To gain customer trust and confidence, it is highly important to provide detailed service delivery, availability and performance reports. The cloud provider also has to communicate proactively with the customers in case of any maintenance activities being performed on the cloud computing platform.


For cloud service delivery to deliver the best performance, the cloud computing platform should have a true multitenant architecture and deliver maximum scalability. Today’s leading web applications created using a single code base and infrastructure but shared by multiple users. Multitenancy enables innovative solutions in low costs. Service delivery is faster, more efficient and low maintenance. Performance is highly consistent and reliable due to the large scale architecture.

Truly Scalable

Without proven scalability, a cloud platform can never deliver on its promise of being an innovative solution. The cloud has to support increasing number of users at a time with a robust architecture and plentiful resources to guarantee the best service standards, best performance and security levels.

At the same time, the cloud should be able to integrate systems and infrastructure in accordance with the changing demands. Technical support should be accurate and prompt in order to respond to customer requirements in order to grow the number of customers.

Best Performance

High speed and consistent performance are the standard and the cloud provider should maintain detailed performance records to support their performance claim. Average page response times and average number of transactions per day are key statistics to show the performance of the cloud platform.

Disaster Recovery

An enterprise IT solution cannot be complete without Disaster Recovery Services. Cloud disaster recovery services should be created using multiple and geographically separated data centers with backup, archiving and failover capacities. Multiple backup copies should be created in real time at the disk level. Backup copies should be created on multiple disks to ensure the best recovery speed and minimum risk of data loss in the even of a disaster.

High Availability (HA)

High availability is another cornerstone of a true cloud computing platform. For exceptional cloud service delivery, the cloud platform should be backed by redundant power, cooling and network infrastructure. Server infrastructure and software redundancy, N+1 redundancy and availability data records for the entire cloud deployment are crucial to ensure highly available cloud services to enterprises.

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