Indian BPO in the era of Cloud Computing

bp0-and-cloud-computingThe concept of cloud computing refers to the use of storage capacity and processing shared computers and servers, interconnected through the Internet.

The service should provide the ability to access data from anywhere in the world, anytime, no need to install software or store data locally. Access to programs, services and remote files is through the Internet. This environment model is more feasible than the use of physical units that require constant maintenance and investment in hardware and software updates.

Already the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the outsourcing of business processes of a company, which normally is not part of their core business and therefore the transfer to a specialized third in the activity.

The excellence of outsourcing will be completed uniting both promoting the concentration of efforts on a business of their own and thereby reducing costs.

The outsourcing of operational areas is nothing new, the embryos were the areas of maintenance, cleanliness and safety and the great success served as an inspiration for branching such demand for many areas, which soon reached the IT sector of large corporations. A few years ago, IT, Cloud Computing was born and now maturing model, offers innovation, making it possible to outsource the entire physical infrastructure in an innovative model, which seeks to meet each client in order to suit the particular specific feature, encompassing hardware and software and their respective updates.

Following the worldwide technological development, IT companies have been investing in recent years in this concept by offering BPO-Tax with the support of the development area of tax systems to improve the attendance of Indian tax legislation, offering facilities to deadlines and costs recognized by sector.

Validated with data stored in the cloud and you can avoid spending on filing structure, and promote security, modernity and accounting expertise in real time.

The BPO-Fiscal and cloud computing are performed using tools that allow transfer of files between the client and the area of operation of BPO practice, quickly and safely. There is also the validation of magnetic files using a web browser, to guarantee the integrity of information prior to the effective delivery of the same to the Treasury, thus avoiding future notifications.

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