What is Cloud Hosting ?

Surely you’ve already applied Cloud Hosting based services, even without knowing it.

Two great examples are Gmail and Amazon.

The Cloud Hosting is a set of computers working as one, connected to a set of storage systems, all linked through hardware virtualization to ensure resources and security, and controlled by software that can move, zoom-time resources real as required Cloud. The teams go on / off if resources change Cloud, respond instantly to the actual demand.

If there is a hardware failure in a Cloud team, it detects it and move those resources to other computers instantly. If a server is saturated, the hosted VMs need more resources, the Cloud move those virtual machines, without interruption, with less load equipment into the Cloud.

With the Cloud Hosting, say goodbye to the old idea of renting a server and be limited to its resources. Farewell to large investments. Farewell to the stops for expansion. Farewell to hardware failures. Instead, the Cloud provides a service in which the hardware is irrelevant to the customer.

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