Colocation Services – A Review

Colocation means a web hosting service in which customers places their server’s in a Colocation data Centre. This service is becoming more and more popular as many organisations are opting for colocation services, its turning out as a preferred form of hosting.

A Colocation space providing service works by giving rack space for customers and they charge them for the service.Server is placed in data center which is owned by client and placed into the rack space which client have rented from the Colocation service provider. In this sort of service the rack space is hired, not like traditional hosting service in which server itself is rented.The web server and other hardware equipment is owned by the customer and customer takes care of server up keep and maintenance.

Colocation services is also a cost effective hosting solution when compared to some of the other hosting options. As the Colocation data centre has many customers so they are able to cut the cost down . Another benefit is safety (such as the environment the server is secure) are taken care of by service provider so the customer don’t have to get tensed about it. The client can relax because his server is being kept in a safe and secure place so clients can be tension free about server security.

Many steps are taken for making colocation data center secure as much as possible. Protection against natural disasters and fire is also taken care of, with the server areas being safe and also fire resistant. (CCTV)cameras are provided also highly reliable security is provided against intruders.If customer hosts their own web server at their own place not in a colocation center means client has to arrange for these facilities themselves that means customer has to bear the cost of security and infrastructure that’s why colocation service is cheaper to some of the other hosting services.

All the power requirements and power back up solutions are arranged by service provider which are required for proper functioning of the customers servers and its service providers responsibility to give their client with maximum possible server uptime. Service provider charges their client for network,power,security and cooling requirements of the server some times if any client requires extra bandwidth or some other resources other than their package in a particular month it will usually be provided automatically by service provider and they will be charged at the end of the month. That means lesser chance of site going down.There are generators and UPS that can be used in case of power failure.Colocation service provider also arranges air conditioning solution servers are stored in atmosphere where temperature will be between 15 to 20 degrees.

Some colocation services gives fully managed colocation services where they take care of server maintenance as well

Colocation is for those who want control and their server but do not want to host it themselves.