CentOS Dedicated Server

CentOS one of the most popular and widely used OS which is offered by most web hosting service provider with their VPS or Dedicated server hosting plans. CentOS is based on the RHEL Linux distribution and is guaranteed to be stable and reliable operating system for your server.

As CentOS is available for free to use, thus you can save cost for OS for your server which will reflect on overall server pricing. Most important feature of CentOS is that it is frequently updated for its stability and reliability making it very secure and stable. As CentOS is compatible with cPanel the most popular webhosting control panel it has got top position in web hosting industry and is mostly offered by Linux servers.

The YUM respitory is installed as default with majority of CentOS servers using which system managers can install any program of their choice on their dedicated server hosting.

if you want to install any program yourself then you can easily compile free available source code and can get it installed on your server easily. As CentOS is based on RHEL linux distribution thus all programs based for Redhat can also be used with CentOS server. If you are not using any control panel with your server then you should have good server management skills so that you can take care of your VPS or dedicated server which are based on CentOS.

Although there are many web hosting service provider who offer you managed hosting services but as a webmaster you should have good idea about server management which would be helpful in case of emergency when your web hosting service provide may not available for to help you. CentOS is much more flexible and easy to use operating system and perfect for your dedicated servers.