Best VPS, Dedicated server OR Cloud Hosting For Yourself?

If it’s the time for you to place order for a VPS, dedicated server or cloud hosting packages, you will need to check few things before you go with any host. Firstly you will have to check if your preferred web host offer you managed or unmanaged website hosting services. If you are good at server management and have all required server management skills then you can go with Unmanaged VPS Dedicated server hosting packages else if you are a beginner or don’t want to waste your time in server management then you should go with managed server hosting packages.

Usually managed hosting packages are bit expensive as compared to unmanaged. Depending on your skill set & requirements you can choose the one. Make sure if you opt for managed server hosting do check if they operate 24×7 and tech support is for free. You can go with unmanaged server hosting package if you want to manage your server and want to play with it as you have enough knowledge of server management and want to test things yourself.

As you have full root access with your Linux VPS / dedicated servers & Administrative RDP access with your Windows VPS / Dedicated servers / Cloud Hosting hence you can install all required applications / software on your server and can use them. You can also configure firewall setting, can tweak server settings as and when required. If you opt for unmanaged server hosting services you would be responsible for you server security, software upgrades and managing security patches. Your web host won’t help you for any technical issue you may have with your server. Once initial server setup is completed you will have to manage your VPS dedicated server if you opt for unmanaged server hosting services.

VPS hosting packages do comes with limited server resources like RAM, CPU , bandwidth, backspace etc. hence you should check what hosting package would be the best as per your website hosting requirements. If you are planning to host some resource hog application on your VPS then you should check the minimum and maximum RAM offered with VPS hosting packages.

All web host offers you fixed amount of Guaranteed and Burstable RAM with each hosting package. You can term Guaranteed Ram as the lowest amount of RAM that you will have with your VPS. This is the minimum amount of RAM your server will have at any point of time whereas a Burstable RAM is the amount of maximum amount of RAM your VPS can have which can be used in extreme cases. It’s your hosting requirements and budget to go with managed or unmanaged hosting services.