Which domain extension is most appropriate for your business website?

Worried about the name and extension of your domain? Discover what may be the most appropriate to the characteristics of your business.

Domain.com?? Domain.in?? Or maybe domain.co.in? Definitely choosing a domain is one of the most important decisions that companies must make when starting their online venture. Each Internet domain is unique, so it is essential to make a good choice thereof, taking into account the characteristics of business. At the end of the day, a domain is more than just a name: it is the basis of the identity of your online business.

The data center or hosting providers offer their users the ability to choose the right extension (.com,.org,.net,.in,.info,.biz,.name,.co.in). For example, the .com and .net are the most widespread in international terms, so that it will be the best option if you intend to reach users around the world.

However, .co.in could be the ideal choice if our business is highly centralized in our country, or if we use it as a supplement to the .com. Meanwhile, other generic extensions such as .Org associated with a corporate website.

If, however, you are looking to create a website focused on information, the .Info will definitely be the most successful. On the other hand, the .Tv is gaining popularity recently because it is a good recommendation for those businesses that offer video content or relating to the world of television.

On the other hand, we must also pay close attention to our domain name. We must first decide whether the domain will include the name of our brand (highly recommended for brands) or, alternatively, a set of keywords that match what our potential clients might search on the Internet. Although some time until Google used to prioritize domains that include keywords, increasingly favors those that include the name of the brand.

Also, a good domain should be short, clear and easy to type. These domains are easier to remember for users and have a greater visual appeal (if you already know best how good brief). In addition, our future visitors should know exactly how to write our domain in the address bar or search engine. Give a doubt in some character could lead to these web had just our competitor.

Although some brands that contain numbers or hyphens in their domains have managed to position itself in the minds of users, these characters can be confusing.

Finally, we can check the availability of the desired domain with dedicated hosting service provider. In the event that the domain you want is already registered, you can review a list of some alternative domains. Furthermore, service provider offers the ability to register multiple domains. This is especially recommended to protect your online identity by registering your business name with different extensions.