Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting is one of the popular types of service, which is also available in Linux Cloud Hosting services as it is inexpensive and easy to use. However, most people do not understand why Linux is so popular among web hosting companies and webmasters. To choose an operating system for a web hosting plan is not easy, especially for those who do not have an adequate amount of technical knowledge about web hosting.

The Linux Hosting offers advantages for Webmasters who are interested in developing e-commerce stores, as well as amateur webmasters seeking a more customized solution. If you are interested in the pros and cons of Linux hosting, then you may want to consider the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages:

System Reliability

System reliability is definitely an advantage for Linux hosting. The Linux operating system is known to be reliable and easy to work. Since Linux is an open source software, it can be changed or corrected by any developer who has knowledge and willingness to do so.

Most hosting providers provide Linux hosting opt for that reason, because they can better support with an open source operating system. Linux is extremely flexible and comes in a wide variety of distributions that are suitable for a diverse range of webmasters and hosting providers. When it comes to compatibility and reliability, Linux is definitely the best.

When an error occurs in Windows operating system there is little that the hosting company can do but wait for a position at Microsoft. All this ultimately contributes to the low cost and availability of Linux hosting, which is often preferred that by hosting Windows hosting providers.


This point is for Advantages and as well as Disadvantages of Linux Hosting because the Linux operating system is compatible with anything that is not a Microsoft software. Microsoft has a monopoly of all the its software, and prevents any other operating system is compatible with Microsoft software. If you are planning to use Microsoft software for your web server, then you may want to consider Windows hosting.

On the other hand, the Linux operating system can be used to charge any other type of operating system itself, by using virtualization software like VMware. In fact, virtualization software can also be used within Windows to load Linux. However, if you do not have enough experience of web hosting to use virtualization software, then you may choose the type of hosting plan that includes an ideal operating system and suits your need.

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