Google Compute Engine (GCE) is now available for all In India

Google-Compute-EngineGoogle has finally opened cloud computing Google Compute Engine (GCE) services to all, announced a half years ago. Given the experience in the development of Google’s scalable solutions, services for developers and the largest park in the world of servers, GCE may well compete with EC2. No one will be bad if the two giant competitor will dump. dated the day of the premiere a few amenities:

  • Reduced prices for instances by 10%;
  • Support for 16-core instances (up to 104 GB of RAM) for high-performance computing and NoSQL database;
  • Except Debian and CentOS kernel from Google, now in virtual machines can run FreeBSD or any Linux distributions and kernels with any software, including Docker , FOG , xfs and aufs.

Google promises 24/7 support, 99.95% uptime (with payment of compensation in the event of non-compliance ). Planned engineering works for testing, upgrade servers and software in the GCE cloud hosting services will be made on a special procedure, small portions of servers, c instances in the pre-transfer elsewhere. That is on uptime, it will not affect. Google supports the method of live migration Рmigration of virtual machines from one physical server to another without stopping the virtual machine and stop services.

in case of hardware failure or other event, the owner of the virtual machine can advance activate automatic reboot ( Automatic Restart ), so that the site will be back online within minutes. Automatic restart is not activated when you turn off the machine manually ( Sudo Shutdown ). Starting today, 60% reduced storage costs (Persistent Disk): 4 cents per gigabyte per month instead of the previous 10 cents. IO operations are now becoming free (included in the cost of hosting). Previous price was 10 cents per million operations. Thus, the cost of hosting 400 GB with a typical load of I / O is reduced by 92% even up to $16 per month. Cost standard instances in all regions is reduced by 10%.