Choosing Between the Windows and Linux Platforms

Linux is an open source platform and has always been the most favorite OS in web hosting, simply because it allows web hosting companies to offer web hosting at affordable and cheap costs. offers a full range of Linux Web Hosting plans, ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated server hosting; this puts us in a position that means we can meet the needs of any prospective customers, with our 24×7 support team on hand to offer any assistance necessary. The open source nature of the Linux platform also enables a wider variety of customization, which has led to a number of third-party modifications and applications being available that are also open source; this means that the overall cost of running a Linux server is going to be far less than that of a comparable Windows server.

It is important to consider that the operating system that you choose to use as the platform for your web hosting plan will serve as a guide as to which technologies you can use to develop your website as well as the features that you can expect from a web hosting plan. In the case of the Linux operating system, recommends that you use this platform if you wish to utilize the following technologies as part of your web applications:

If developing scalable web applications, the PHP scripting language is one of the best choices available in terms of scripting frameworks because it can offer you a wide variety of features and modules that can be used to create feature-rich web applications
If a database backend is needed for your website then we recommend using MySQL databases on a Linux platform because advanced support is offered for these with the control panel that we use for a majority of our Linux hosting services, cPanel
Support for advanced CGI scripts that can be used for more complex purposes such as email piping to databases are also supported with our Linux web hosting plans.
Linux can offer variety when you come to consider dedicated hosting, whether this be a VPS server or a dedicated server; there are many different Linux distributions to choose from and with each distribution having been designed for a different purpose, this represents another opportunity to develop a highly customized hosting environment. If there is a distribution that you would like to use, but sure unsure if offers it, please contact our support team as they will be able to arrange a solution that falls in line with your requirements.

Windows Web Hosting Services

As is the case with our Linux web hosting plans, also offers a number of different Windows web hosting services at different pricing points that are aimed at different target audiences. Windows is a commercial operating system and for this reason you should expect Windows web hosting services to be slightly more expensive than Linux hosting services of a similar specification; however the target audience for Windows hosting is often different to that of Linux. With Linux hosting often targeted at beginners and enthusiasts, Windows hosting is offered by with a target audience of businesses of all sizes in mind.

Windows is a closed operating system with many of the technologies and applications supported by the operating system being commercial in their licensing nature as well, therefore meaning that they will only function on Windows and no other OS. Examples of such applications can include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise-class database server that is used extensively to power web applications and the internal applications used by large corporations; the fact that it only works with the Windows OS guarantees full compatibility and integration with the platform
  • If you are going to be developing web applications for the Windows platform then you will be wanting to use ASP.NET 4.0 so that you can access the full power of the Windows OS
  • As a Windows dedicated hosting customer, can provide installation of Microsoft Exchange Server if you are looking for a highly scalable email and collaboration system that your employees can use to communicate with one another.
  • For beginners that haven’t used the Windows platform before we recommend that you begin with one of our feature-rich Window shared hosting plans; this will put you in a good position to learn what the Plesk control panel and the other features of our Windows services can offer you. can also offer fully managed Windows VPS servers and Windows dedicated servers for businesses in need of a highly reliable web hosting service with a dedicated environment.

Windows vs. Linux

The choice between Windows and Linux is one that you will need to make based on your own or your businesses aspirations. Every business looking to establish a web presence will have different requirements and although both platforms can offer the same in terms of hosting your website, it’s the finer details that help to differentiate the two platforms. offers both Windows hosting and Linux hosting so that there is something available for anyone wanting to consider us for their hosting needs; regardless of the platform package that you choose, you will be entitled to receive our full 24×7 support.

Use of Cloud Storage Services to Gain Speed by 2015

The cloud computing technology and trend racing ahead have achieved a great speed in the last few years and now in 2014, making its move into the data centers, displacing all the traditional computation and storage methods.

Recently, a 2014 IT Priorities survey was conducted by TechTarget, where around 1700 IT professionals, managers and business analysts have shown their interest and participated. As a result, after asking their opinions, it was clear that the cloud-based projects are gaining a very large share of the IT budgets, even as the other line items fall down or stay unchangeable.

From the survey conducted, it was found that 30 percent of businesses are planning to adopt the cloud hosting services or cloud computing-based solutions offered by the external service providers, while another 22 percent of companies have plans on implementing their own private cloud. Participants also mentioned that the share for cloud services will increase by 40 percent by the end of 2015.

Today, the most used cloud-based application are Disaster Recovery or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), however, the result has shown IT professionals interest more in the cloud storage services. Mainly for archiving purpose, the cloud storage is a perfect solution which helps in saving space and stores the data for longer in less investment.

The result showed that by the end of 2015, around 20 percent of the companies from those 60 percent will have their storage and backup into the cloud. Moreover, 45 percent of the participated people said that they are planning to use the Storage as a Service (STaaS) in mid 2015, whereas, only 52 percent people have plans to use Software as a Service.

People are now making more and more use of cloud-based services for bulk archive and storing their sensitive data. As the cloud-based services are getting implemented and utilized by companies, it is getting clear that the virtual data center is getting people away from the physical data centers.

While cloud storage has opened up a world of opportunities and aids further validate migration to the cloud, but with it, plenty of compliance and security issues. Unexpectedly, it was found in the survey that 19 percent businesses have plans to implement external Security as a Service in 2014.

Large organizations are planning and the concept of cloud as a resource are sold on for their global enterprise. However, the security issues drive raised costs, as security requirements are pushing IT professionals to look into internal hosting vs the much-advertised cost savings from the third-party providers.

The year 2015 is going to be great for technology industry, as much of the companies will be contributing towards cloud computing growth and success by implementing various cloud-based services.


How To Create a Professional and Profitable Blog

build-a-profitable-blogToday there are many ways to make money online, being an affiliate of products work with Google Adsense, have their own info product, offer services and more. But I would say in all activities carried out on the Internet have a blog too and expands your chances of succeeding.

I would venture to say that the blog is the lifeblood of your business on the Internet, whatever the niche is.

Well, if you’re thinking that riding a blog is something easy and free. Hit! It can even be very easy and zero cost to have a blog, but if you think about having a profitable business through your blog, it is better to start changing that thought, because the blogs “for free” offer no security so you can exercise the blogger profession. Because when it comes to making money online and work has to be very professional if you create a free blog at no cost, you will save this small investment, but will be showing to your audience an amateur job, no professionalism.

So between several advantages blogging is a registered professional blog and will give you a better picture on the Internet, transmitting a greater confidence and integrity in business. Not to mention that the free version limits you to a blog too, because it does not offer all the features and options that the paid version gives you. And as last advantage I leave here two little questions for you to reflect:

What assurance do you have that your blog will always be in the air? Who can assure you that?

Well, then masters to the point, for you to create your professional blog will need some money (not much), patience and motivation.
Briefly, first you choose the niche market that will work and then register a domain for the blog, choosing a web hosting, install wordpress, create content, promote your blog and finally start making money with it.


What did is the niche market? . It is simply the subject or topic you want to address in your blog

There are several items that affect the choice of a good niche to work with, let’s examine some of them:

  • Do you like the theme you chose
  • There is demand for the public?
  • There is competition?
  • There are advertisers for your niche?
  • There are products being sold in your niche?

After all these questions will answer your queries and I am sure now you know what is the best niche to operate in the market.


Now after you have chosen your niche it’s time to register your domain. But what is the domain? Is the address used to locate and identify your blog on the internet. Example: This would be the identification of any website on the internet. I advise that you do so at ESDS, along with the hosting contract, because they give me good service, but of course it is up to you to choose the service that best suits you. The important thing is that it can register a good domain for search engines and that has everything to do with the niche you’ve chosen.


Well, I heard an explanation these days hosting (unfortunately cannot remember where), but it went something like this:

To build a house need a ground, so does the blog need an online space. That’s what the serve web accounts accommodations to make your blog and keep it in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. There are several host sites spread all over the net, more on account of other more expensive, but ultimately it is for you to enter the world of blogging. I recommend ESDS for having a very intuitive interface, for providing me a great service, never needed but people have said that they needed the support service from them is very good and you can still be an affiliate (a) and one can earn money by referring their services. There are quarterly, semiannual, annual subscription, your choice is the best option. More particularly like the annual.


If you chose ESDS, it is very easy to install wordpress, because this web hosting features via your cpanel control panel, which allows to install various content management systems, including wordpress. So when you receive email from ESDS (or another host of your choice) with your data access to cpanel, just enter the url of your domain as the data came in your email and you’re done. Basically will need your domain, your blog name, your email address and you’re done. Now we just have to go to the administration of your blog through address to configure themes, install plugins needed and insert content (post’s).


Now that your blog is created, it is time to insert content. You can write tips, news, tutorials, post videos, and various other things. It’s cool, even if you produce your content, reading, researching and studying to produce quality work, or if you do not have the time or inclination to do so, there are professionals for that sole purpose, rather, is a freelance professionals who live in autonomous work and there are niches for all of them. Just look on the internet you will even find them in droves.

But there is yet another alternative for you that cannot afford and do not have the knack or the patience to write or produce your content, you can set up a blog for directions, but you can copy the good posts that are in your niche (can be in its entirety or just the summary) and after each mention of where you copied the post and leave a link to the site that you plagiarized. And if only quote excerpts of posting from another blog, mention it as a source of research, but just with name and link.

Now, what can in no way is to copy posts from other blogs randomly absent registration copy these cases Google detects your copy and hides your blog in searches, the blog author may terminate copied your blog and you can have your blog removed without notice, and may even be rendered (a). So avoid inconvenience to your life, be creative (a) and produce yourself your posts. You can, believe me!


Soon after having traveled all this way and now have a reasonable quality content will need traffic, but how to make it happen? Draw the reader to come to know, share and read your blog? This might sound difficult but it is perfectly possible!

It is essential that you enter your blog in major internet search engines, such as Google and others, and if you have unique, quality and useful content for your readers, Google will put you on the first pages of search and so on greater evidence therefore increase your traffic. Must also disclose via comments similar to yours, in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others in discussion on You Tube forums, study a lot about SEO techniques and put them into practice blogs.

Anyway, there is a multitude of ways for you to promote your blog, just researching and studying each one, have a lot of willingness to work, patience and determination are also fundamental in this journey. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to give your opinion in the comments, can also leave questions, I will have the great pleasure to answer them !!! God bless !!!

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How to Backup and Restore Outlook Data for Safety

New-Outlook-2Outlook Express is an email client that offers the Microsoft Windows system. Although easy to use, make a backup and a restore can sometimes be confusing. There are several programs and software that allow these tasks, but you should also know how to do it manually. Whether you use one or the other, save the files in your emails regularly can save you from many headaches in the future.

The easiest way to keep your files in Outlook is the path to locate the .dbx files. This can be done by opening Outlook Express and opening the tab Tools> Options> Maintenance, and the button “Storage folder”, click and open the window titled “Store Location”. Choose the path that appears in this window and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Then logs of Windows Explorer, paste it in the address bar and hit enter. You will see several files with dbx extension. Simply select the files and copy them to a folder of your choice and have a backup of the files associated with your Outlook email. To restore files, do the opposite process.

Backup and Restore Address Book

You can also make a quick backup of the address book. Open Outlook Express and select File> Export> Address Book. Choose “Text File (Comma Separated Values)” and click Export. It will give you the option to save where you want them, so it creates a folder or save it to an existing one. Put a name of your choice and hit save. You see the name you’ve chosen has a .csv extension. Now click next, where several fields that can be selected depending on the information you want to save. Click “Finish” to complete the operation.

To restore the data, return to the File menu and select “Import” and then “Other Address Book”. Browse to the folder where you had saved the .csv file, and select it. This will again take all directions if lost.

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Navigating the cloud and security systems files

The issue of storing the files already typed and ready to be used later always been a concern for most of the computer users. In the beginning were the floppies with the limited space. Then we went to CDs, with a larger space and soon appeared the pen drives with good space and others. But the concern always remained, for how long files can be kept in the floppy after saving, not to mention the progress of programs requiring users to become PC technician to decipher the possibilities of saving files, or open a typed file with an old program. We live in our own dizzying evolution of computers. But in all this time, our major concern was to save safely typed files and they gave us many days of work.

Evolved in store some files for security reason by sending e-mails. This trend gave us some tranquility. For some users, the emails at any given time were not opened more and lost all correspondence and files. A technician then assert there is possibility to save this correspondence and emails. But for those users who are just going to be a very difficult path of stones.

At the moment there is much talk in navigating the clouds of “cloud computing”. The first view is an invaluable service to the user. Files can be in an infinite number stored somewhere on this planet.

Users who use the system to send important files are judged through the use of e-mails, even sending photos into virtual albums and videos on You tube sites entered in line with the trend of our time is called “cloud computing” , navigate the clouds. Using this system the user is not storing files on CDs and flash drives, now they are suspended in a particular place who nobody knows right where you are.

Advantages of the “cloud computing

Already we see that the advantages for the user who use this system are invaluable. How many times our hard disk is full and no space and do not know what else to do. We have a very heavy file and slows the computer. At the moment we use this new system leaving the files in the cloud computer terminals become simple access portals. Disappeared concerns in wanting to invest in a HD with more capacity, memories and processors. Now the space for placing the files will be infinite. The user will be able to access files from anywhere and with any computer or smart phone, the user will not have a single machine, but will have computer at home, at work, elsewhere they will attend because of work, or use borrowed some coworker terminal. The big advantage that passes there is one that we can use the files regardless of having a CD or thumb drive with this file.

Basic care in storing files in the cloud system that we observe:

  1. Choose for the storage of files servers already known and that are constantly updating.
  2. With antivirus be attentive with the update.
  3. Sensitive and important nature and particular files should avoid putting on the network.
  4. Check the privacy policy of the site to your disposal.
  5. Beware of password management.
  6. Be with constant attention to expiration dates of services, some content may eliminate up.
  7. Files of emails and important files also have a copy.

In conclusion, we note the immense benefit that will be bringing the system file storage in clouds. Everything became more practical, simple handling and a huge portability. Even with all these facilities the safety issue of conservation of archives, stayed with holes and barriers that we will not cross.

In hindsight we should see more benefits that will bring this system than the possible disorders when perchance some accident happen. Technology will continue to show us that everything in life is changing and with amazing rapidity. We must guard ourselves with old features to keep within reach content that we consider essential. Good luck to all the computer users.